Managed Services

MRS provides the installation and management of both the logical and physical elements of a customers wide area network (WAN), including equipment, maintenance and ongoing network administration.

Network Consultant
We are IT solution providers on systems for small and medium sized businesses, serving this Marketplace with high quality, high availability, single or multi site networking solutions.
System Integrator

Mitra Jaringan Global has delivered leading edge network solutions to service providers and large enterprises in Indonesia focusing on an IP Infrastructure. A complete network solution portfolio for network infrastructure, network security and net

Sangfor IAM - 5800
Internet is one of the most cost effective and flexible communication media. However, with the convenience Internet brings to business, it also poses various threads at the same time. Applications such as P2P downloading, online video cause slow acce
WaveIP WipAir 8000

WaveIPs WipAir 8000 is the latest word in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadband wireless solutions. With unprecedented dynamic asymmetric net throughput of 270 Mbps and ultra-low latency of 1ms, this advanced OFDM 2X2 MIMO wireless...