MRV OptiSwitch 606

MRV's OptiSwitch 606 (OS606) is a highly price-competitive Carrier-Ethernet (CE) entry-level Network Interface Device (NID) used to provide cost-effective mass deployment of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gbps MEF-based Ethernet services at customer premises with guaranteed SLAs. Architectured for graded enhancement and expansion, the OS606 is a choice candidate in the ″pay-as-you-grow ″ business model. Small Office-Home Office (SOHO) customers provided with access to an Ethernetbased cloud of services strongly tend to opt for medium bandwidths with simple SLAs that may include just protection and minimal service monitoring capabilities. In order to optimize services to these customers while allowing for their future demands for more bandwidth and advanced services, the OS606 offers service providers with two growth paths implemented by software alone: 


1) Added mechanisms/features/ capabilities, and 

2) Increased service port speeds.


The OS606 meets MEF 9, 14, 17, and 21 specifications, and provides for easy deployment and management while maintaining full interoperability and guaranteed SLAs. As a small form factor unit (just 1RU in height and 9-in wide), it can be placed on a desktop or mounted in a rack or on a wall side-by-side with other OS606s. The fan-free design of the OS606 reduces CapEx. This reduces the already low power consumption further, and thereby OpEx while eliminating fan failure and operating noise. The OS606 offers a unique combination of a rich set of features and interfaces that enable easy and flexible field configurations while making it ideal for maintenance and inventory.