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Sangfor IAM - 5800
Internet is one of the most cost effective and flexible communication media. However, with the convenience Internet brings to business, it also poses various threads at the same time. Applications such as P2P downloading, online video cause slow access to critical business resource. Social networking also causes involuntarily disclosure of critical business information. These inappropriate activities can lead to the drop of work efficiency and decrease of turnovers while increase the IT operation costs.
Been designed to create value to organization via Internet Access Management, SANGFOR IAM achieves such result through Internet access visibility, control and optimization.
 Visibility assists organization to identify Internet access risks such as bandwidth abuse, recreational activity and so on. 
 Control of applications and users access will be deployed to minimize risks through Internet correspondingly. 
 Optimization allows organization to manage and optimize Internet access speed for applications. 
By deploy IAM, business enjoys a manageable, swift and a simple network infrastructure.  IAM boosts business productivity by offering faster access to business resource and regulate employees’ recreational activities. Furthermore, with efficient bandwidth usage and caching technology, IAM minimizes the Internet bandwidth investment effectively by delaying or avoid frequent bandwidth upgrade.
Monitoring the Internet Access Traffic
SANGFOR IAM identifies, categorizes and logs the internal users\' access activities, bandwidth consumption and related content also to enable full traffic visibility. With its unparalleled reporting capabilities, the IAM manages to show an accurate map of network traffic, assist organizations to analyze Internet access risks.
Controlling the Internet Access Activities
The IAM provides comprehensive controls over applications such as social website, forums, IM, Email, online video, P2P, file transferring, etc. The flexible controls allow you to manage the Internet access the way you want, thus, free you from the challenges of low work efficiency, data loss, copy right, and other risks that caused by improper Internet access.
Optimizing the Internet Access Speed
IAM’s well-reputed bandwidth management solution is designed to assist organizations to maximize the bandwidth usage, the result of which is more bandwidth for critical business applications/users/user groups while less bandwidth for inappropriate activities. Furthermore, IAM combines its caching feature to reduce up to 30%-50% of the Internet traffic, significantly enhancing the access speed while reducing the bandwidth cost.