Ruckus ZoneFlex 2942
ZoneFlex 2942 offers features and functions not available in any low-end consumer access point (AP) or high-end wireless LAN (WLAN) system. Yet, surprisingly, it’s one of the industry’s most cost-effective 802.11g wireless solution. Go figure! It supports Smart Mesh Networking, to streamline complex deployment headaches and eliminate running Ethernet cabling to every access point. This cuts down on operational overhead, making it ideal for hotels, schools, airports, and enterprises everywhere.

Self-Adjusting, High-Performance BeamFlex Smart Antenna Technology.

  • Automatically adapts to constant changes in the environment
  • Steers Wi-Fi signals to the best route
  • Enables high performance, extended coverage, and multimedia support
  • Physical antenna gain of 3 dBi
  • Up to an additional 4 dB in BeamFlex gain and 10 dB in interference mitigation

Easy to Configure and Deploy.

  • Can be used by non-IT person to create a sophisticated, plug-and-play, multimedia WLAN in minutes
  • No RF tuning or client configuration required
  • Web-based wizard enables easy configuration through ZoneDirector

Perfect for Hotzone Operators.

  • Ideal for delivering business-class hot zone services, such as voice over Wi-Fi, IP-based video, or secure enterprise access
  • Dual-polarized directional antenna system provides stable connectivity to any Wi-Fi-enabled handheld device,
  • Flicker-free support for concurrent video streams and voice over Wi-Fi calls