MRV OptiSwitch® 900
The OptiSwitch® 900 series is a compact carrier-class Ethernet Demarcation service unit. The OS900 enables premium manageable Ethernet services with extensive traffic management and end-to-end control for Service level conformance. The OS900 series acts as a demarcation device at the customer premises and is owned by the service provider. It provides a carrier-to-customer User/Network Interface (UNI) that separates the carrier's WAN from the customer's LAN. The OS900 enables bandwidth limiting, security and monitoring of customer and network interfaces with clear visibility of LAN and WAN segments. For inter-provider demarcation points, the OS900 serves as a demarcation device at the carrier-to-carrier on-net locations, and provides Network/Network interfaces (NNI) that separate two different service provider networks. In such an application, the OS900 Series enables Ethernet service delivery over multiple carrier transport networks with end-to-end visibility and control.